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A pleasant experience with online shopping
Size calculation

By calculating the size of the four main parts of the body that are used to make most types of clothing we can help you to have a better experience with your online purchase.

Dress search engine

Shaku clothing search engine detects all the features of the garment and provides a list of similar products in the online stores. These products are collected from several online stores around the world.

Try on

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By using virtual reality (VR) online shoppers can try on any clothes online and find what suits them best.

How does Shaku help?

Returning products wastes time and energy. Moreover, the expenses of transporting and returning money can be really frustrating. Wrong-size clothes are the most returned products in online shopping but you do not have to worry anymore, We are here to help you whether you are a customer or own an online shop. Want a dress your favorite influencer is wearing? Shaku can help with that too, by finding the most similar dresses like it and suggesting them to you. We also let you try them on in virtual reality to make sure they looks good on you. Shaku’s mission is to save your time and energy.

Clothes Search Engine

Have you ever wanted to buy a dress but couldn’t find it anywhere? It could be worn by your favorite celebrity or an influencer on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to find these clothes with the same color and features. Shaku clothing search engine detects all the features of your desired cloth with the help of advanced deep learning algorithms and provides a list of similar products from online stores with different brands, saving you from endless browsing the web.

Available on API and applications

Our services are provided on the API platform for ease of use as well as applications. The process is as simple as possible, allowing users to use it on any platform they desire.

From a dream

The feeling we get from buying a product can sometimes be much more enjoyable than the product itself. We have probably experienced this feeling clearly when shopping for books in person and roaming the shelves of bookstores. Our dream is to create a similar feeling and experience when buying clothes online, a new feeling like the smell of a book in the narrow corridors of a bookstore. We believe making online experiences feel like reality is the new future.

Calculate body size

With a full-length image and a side view body image, you will see the size of different parts of the body

1) For best results, change into tight fitting clothes

2) Make sure the whole body is in the picture (from head to toe)

Full View Image

select your favorite celebrity.