Body Measurement Service

Accurate body measurements for a tailored fit

Body Measurement Service

Accurate and Precise Measurements

Experience unmatched accuracy with Shaku’s advanced AI – your key to a perfectly fitting wardrobe. Shop with confidence and enjoy the certainty of clothes that fit just right.

Seamless Image Upload and Measurement

Easily upload two pictures and enter your height to initiate the body measurement process. Shaku's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, making it effortless to obtain accurate measurements from the comfort of your home.

Customized Size Recommendations

Receive personalized size recommendations based on your body measurements. Shaku's intelligent system analyzes your unique proportions and provides tailored suggestions, enabling you to find clothing items that fit you perfectly.

Standardized Sizing Solutions

Experience consistent and reliable sizing across all clothing brands with Shaku's standardized measurements and personalized size recommendations. Eliminate the frustration of inconsistent sizing and embrace a seamless shopping experience tailored just for you!

Find Your Body Measurement Easily

1Stand in front of your camera and snap a photo facing forward.
2Capture another image from the side.
3Input your height into the system.
4You're all set to go!

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Why choose Shaku?

Hassle-Free Shopping

With Shaku, the worry of returns due to poor fit is a thing of the past. Our accurate measurements mean you can shop with confidence, knowing that your new clothes will fit just right, straight out of the box.


Shaku’s efficient visual search and sizing technology streamline the shopping process, saving you valuable time. With Shaku, finding your ideal style is just a few clicks away.

Explore with Freedom

Shaku’s visual search lets you explore any outfit that catches your eye. Our AI-driven platform understands your style preferences, making it easier than ever to find and try on new looks that you’ll love. Discover fashion without limits.